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Home Staging
The importance of home staging has been proven over and over 
again. Staged properties sell for more in a shorter period of time.  
Professional home staging is a comprehensive approach to styling your home to appeal to a broad range of prospective buyers.
When staging a home we look at the overall character of your home, the demographics of buyers and current design trends that allow us to showcase the best features of your home. First impressions count, let us help you get the maximum return on your investment!

Space Planning
For projects both big and small, space planning is the first step in seeing your design vision played out. Through Floor Plans, Elevations and Reflected Ceiling Plans, we are able to design a space that meets all of the intended requirements while adding creative details. Space Planning helps you visualize how your space feels when we move a wall, how your kitchen will and how your new fireplace, millwork, windows, doors and furniture can look in your space. This stage in the design process is integral in eliminating design oversights during construction.

Millwork Drawings
The beauty of built in cupboards, book shelves and storage starts with millwork drawings. Millwork drawings are essential for both Residential and Commercial projects as both have special requirements to have the space function best. Whatever the job we can draw it up for you.

Colour Consultation
Colour is a funny thing. It looks different in every space and creates different visual effects depending on how it is used. It is one of the most influential elements in how we perceive a space as it acts directly on our central nervous system by either exciting or calming us.

Furniture and Material Selections
A keen eye makes furniture and material selections a breeze, but having expertise in product availability, material durability, best prices and quality craftsmanship are the key in this process. Our job is to ensure that the product we select for your project is the best option for the intended use and function.

Thinking Outside the Box
Often one of the hardest things to do is to visualize your own space in any way but the way it exists right now. We all need some help sometimes to open up our minds to new ideas. That’s why working with others is a wonderful way to explore new options in how we live. 

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